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Interior & Exterior Detail Nampa ID

Serving Nampa ID and the surrounding areas with detailing for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and boats! Call 208-918-6849 today.

For all of your Auto/Boat/RV/Motorcycle/Truck Detailing needs, trust Elite Auto Detailing! Specializing in ceramic coatings, headlight restoration, and all other detailing services, we bring our 20+ years of proven quality to your vehicle!

Detailing Packages

Auto Detailing A’La Carte

Interior Detailing

Complimentary hand wash. Complete interior vacuum, Clean fabric headliner, scrub all vinyl upholstery including dash, console, air vents, ash tray, cup holders etc.., Carpet extract all seats, carpets and floor mats. Clean trunk/ cargo area, spare wheel and trim. We use compressed air to blow in between the seats and under the dash also in areas that is hard to reach leaving your interior dust free. Recondition all vinyl making it look brand new. Finishing off with clean windows.

Interior Only Sedan, Truck, SUV

Described above


Interior Only Van, Expedition, Suburban

Described above


Fabric Guard Protection Additional

Fabric Guard works by increasing the surface tension on the fabric, thus allowing stain-causing liquid to float on the surface and roll off.


Leather Treatment Additional

Leather condition treatment is highly recommended on leather seats. Reduces wear and cracking. It allows leather to breath, Also restores natural leather look. Ideal for high-end vehicles.


Dog Hair Removal Additional

Dog hair removal by using only the best tools that remove dog hair embedded in the fabric also includes pet odor removal.


Smoker Smell Removal Additional

Smoke removal is achieved by deep cleaning headliners, vents, seatbelts and the use of a fog-out odor eliminator. The strongest, fastest, most effective product in the market.


Emergency Clean up UBER/LYFT

Partying too hard, Sick or Animal accidents. Don’t worry, we are here for you 24/7.


Engine Detail

Removal of grease and grime, scrub the side walls of the engine bay, and shine.


Headlight Restoration

Defog your headlights for better visibility on the road.


Exterior Detailing

Removal of imperfections on exterior vehicle from paint fading to dusty rims, Elite Auto Detailing has the knowledge and tools to bring back your vehicle’s shine and “Just bought from the Dealership” look. We only use the best power tools from Italy “RUPES” DA Polisher and other compunds.

Hand Wash

Experience the massive suds release with the new Foam Cannon. The Foam Cannon turns every car wash into a fun foam party! Gentle car wash foam is the professional’s secret to maintaining a clean car. Includes vacuum and clean windows.


Wash and Wax

Get the exclusive Foam Cannon wash and spray from technicians choice professional series. Long Lasting Reflective shine, High Deep Gloss. Ceramic Spray Wax. Lasts for 2 seasons.


Wash and Paint Sealant Wax

Superior Foam Cannon wash and Paint Sealant. A high-tech non-abrasive polymer sealant formulated long lasting gloss with maximum durability applied by dual-action polisher. Up to 1 year protection.


Polish and Wax

Removal of small scratches with a glossy finish. Rupes made KERAMIK GLOSS. This is the ideal composition for perfect finishes on particularly hard clear coats. Creating a fine glossy finish. Then applying ceramic spray wax for a long-lasting deep gloss.


Cut Polish and Ceramic Spray

Removal of deep scratches from the outdoors or going to the carwash 3 times a week. Rupes made an exclusive compound called ZEPHIR GLOSS. It’s a high-performance compound recommended for first step polishing. Its grain is the most “aggressive” of the abrasives and is used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches. At the same time Zephir is highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss. Then we use Keramick Gloss polish and finish off with ceramic spray wax.


Hardwater Removal

Removes water spot stains from paint, glass and metal. Apply wax after to protect it from future water spotting.


Overspray Removal

Removal of overspray by clay bar and Da polisher. Then wax right after to protect it from future overspray or containments.


RV Detailing

RV Exterior Washing

Complete Foam cannon wash from the top to bottom. Using our Viking Hot Pressure washer to remove tree sap and other contaminants on the roof of the RV. Hand wash all four sides of the trailer and debug. Complete wipe down of trailer and clean windows. Shine all tires. (Viking Pressure washer used only in our facility, not on mobile)

5th Wheel Motorhome, Coach & Travel Trailer Wash

Spot Free Wash & Dry
Clean Outside Windows
Clean Rims & Shine Tires


5th Wheel Motorhome, Coach & Travel Trailer Oxidation Removal

Spot Free Wash & Dry
Clean Outside Windows
Clean Rims & Shine Tires
Ceramic Spray Wax
Oxidation Removal
Compound & Buff To Restore Shine


5th Wheel Motorhome, Coach & Travel Trailer Wash & Wax

Spot Free Wash & Dry
Clean Outside Windows
Clean Rims & Shine Tires
DA Polisher Ceramic Wax


Boat Detailing

Elite Auto Detailing has been in 2 Boat Shows and 1 North West Water Skiing Competition Detailing Boats. We have all the right products and tools to make your boat clean and shine.
Boat Detail Nampa ID

Interior Only

Have your boat interior look new again. All compartments opened and deep clean. Seats, cup holders ect are all scrubbed and clean. windows and chrome wiped to shine. Engine degreased and shined. Takes all day.


Boat Detail Nampa ID

Exterior Only

Bring back the shine with Elite Auto Detailing 3 stage Cut , Polish and Wax treatment. Our professional staff will rejuvenation the exterior and bring depth and color back from the lakes hard water and sun fading. Takes about 1 ½ days. Trailer included.


Boat Detail Nampa ID

Interior & Exterior

Get the best of both worlds. A complete boat detail!! Comes with a full interior and exterior Detail. Make your neighbors envy!! Make you wife/girlfriends happy!! Takes 2 days to detail.


Ceramic Coating also available for boats. Call for pricing.

Boat Special Services

These services don’t include interior or exterior detail
Boat Detail Nampa ID

Scum or Hard Water Removal

Remove the yellow scum or hard water from the lake. Our Treatment will removal these hard contaminates from the Hull and Transom.


Boat Detail Nampa ID

Graphic or Sticker Removal

Graphics look dull or scratched? Have our staff removal them safely.


Boat Detail Nampa ID

Mold Removal

Having the boat wrapped over the winter season can grow some funky mold. Have it removed professional without risking your health.


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